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Sit back, relax, and take in a luxurious cinematic experience from the comfort of your home. Very Sound Advice is an experienced team of low voltage technicians, providing home theater design, installation, repair, and maintenance in residential properties across town.

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Home Theater Services

Whether you're looking to upgrade your basement into a fully equipped cinema or you're tired of messy wires cluttering your living room, consider us the local tech gurus for jobs big and small.

Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • High-definition panels and projection
  • All-in-one remote controls
  • Multi-room audio and video solutions
  • Outdoor home theaters
  • Surround sound installation
  • And more

With our expertise, product knowledge, and creative edge on your side, there's no limit to what your home theater can become. Check out our gallery page to see some examples of our previous work.

Experienced Low Voltage Technicians

Our low voltage technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded professionals. More than qualified, however, we're passionate about technology. Our company opened its doors over twenty years ago, and ever since, we've been on the hunt for the latest gizmos and gadgets to deliver the highest quality video and audio possible. Trust us to help you find cutting edge products and low voltage solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Custom Media Room Installation

We work closely with our clients to develop truly individualized home theaters that are customized from front to back and top to bottom. Our goal is to incorporate a seamless, user-friendly audiovisual setup into your home so that you can enjoy technology the way it should be enjoyed: easily! Stream movies from your high-speed Wi-Fi connection or watch the big game surrounded by friends—our job is to configure your media room to fit your lifestyle just right.

Allow our techs to show you different screens, speakers, and lighting options available to you. To get started, just give us a call.

Quick Home Theater Installation

When you're thrilled with all your product selections, and we've mapped the layout of your soon-to-be luxurious home movie theater together, we'll schedule a convenient day and time for us to complete the installation.

From start to finish, you can expect our entire crew to be courteous and respectful of your property. When we arrive, we'll inform you of what the project will entail and how long it should take us. Then, we'll get straight to work, installing your equipment with the precision and skill that has become our hallmark. When we've finished, we'll walk you through how to use your new system so that when we leave, all you'll have to do is click play.

Which room is your Home Theater?

This use to mean a dedicated room with a 200" screen, theater seats, controlled lighting, projector and speakers that took up as much room as the vacuum. Now people often want to enjoy their entertainment in the living without having the bulky mess of wires, speakers, screen and projector for everyday use. For this reason we often design and install audio video systems that are hidden so that you can enjoy your movies and shows with a focus on how good it looks and sounds and not on all the equipment it takes to make it work.

Protect your investment:

We suggest power management solutions for your equipment. You have invested a lot into your tv and sound and although your home owners policy often covers surge and lightening damage, how often would you be able to make a claim before your insurance company raises your premiums or drops you all together? Not only does a good surge & voltage filtration device protect against most electrical mishaps it also helps your system work better. Good and steady electricity is like food for your equipment.

How loud do you listen to your system?

We hear all the time how guys listen to the tv or sound system way too loud. There's a reason, and better yet there's a way to help. Sometimes the problem is what type of system you are using. First let me explain the real problem. Most guys between the age of 18 to 24 start to lose their ability to hear higher frequencies. They don't hear these frequencies as well as women do. For this reason, guys turn up the volume to hear the mid range sound coming from the tv or sound system totally immune and oblivious to the still present high frequencies women hear easily. You're both trying to hear the dialogue but the only way to fix that till now has been to raise the volume and all the other sounds along with that. Some equipment we work with offers true dialogue enhancement. This means that the dialogue is re-equalized out front so that it's easy to hear and the volume can remain at a lower level that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes people buy soundbars to try and improve their sound quality. Unfortunately, most soundbars at a certain price point make the sound louder but not clearer. For this reason, if someone wants clearer sound, I recommend either a good sound system that has Dialogue enhancement or a soundbar that has a similar process. Call us if you need to learn more on how to make your system enjoyable and not just a loud mess.

Build Your Home Movie Theater

Hours of at-home entertainment await you. Very Sound Advice is the first-choice team for all your home audiovisual needs. From design to installation, we're the techs you can trust for a five-star movie experience.

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