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Surveillance Systems

When people are shopping for surveillance systems for their home or business, we often see the same mistakes that could have a huge impact on the effectiveness when most needed. Camera systems that have the same camera for all locations don't usually work effectively. There are Bullet style cameras, Dome cameras, Turret Cameras, and many more. Cameras can range from a very narrow focal to a wide focal view. Often one box surveillance companies sell a system that says it's, "HD 1080p" but when you look at the recorded video it pales in comparison to the hyped sale. We design systems to meet the needs of your situation. Let us educate you on what works and what doesn't, so that you have more than a fancy system, you have Peace of mind!

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Multi-Room Audio

There are a few ways to have audio through your house. Each have distinct advantages & disadvantages. The points below will give you an overview when deciding which is best for your needs.

  1. Digital audio streaming & control system: This type of system has in wall digital keypads the size of a double gang light switch. They light up and display features such as Volume levels, Tuner stations, CD player controls, Pandora, IHeart Radio controls and more. The biggest differences are the ability to change the sound for each room and have different sources in each room. For example: You can have the Game playing outside on the porch, Music from your I-Tunes in the Kitchen, The kids can be playing their music in their rooms or sound from their Game system, FM radio in the Office and each with different Bass & Treble controls. This system has a digital amplifier for each room and has the highest quality of sound of the three types of systems. All rooms can be controlled from your mobile phone or Ipad/tablet device. All equipment is hidden in a closet or dedicated rack. No messy equipment in each room necessary.
  2. Analog audio streaming system: This type of system has in wall Rotary or Slide volume controls the size of a single gang light switch. They do not display any controls of your system and cannot be controlled by your mobile devices remotely. You physically have to be turned up or down (on/off). You can still stream digital content to each room; however there is no bass or treble setting to compensate for room acoustics like carpet, hardwood floors, high ceilings, low ceilings, echo in bathrooms, etc. This is an analog system and offers good quality sound that lasts but has little control over individual room control to adjust for room differences. Unlike the above system you can't switch between multiple sources for each room easily. You can have more than once source however the entire house can only listen to one source at a time.
  3. Analog audio streaming system impedance matched system: This system uses standard Rotary or Slide volume controls as the above system however it uses a standard amplifier with an impedance matching selector that protects speakers from varying impedance but limits the amplification wattage and therefor limits the quality of sound and max volume by up to 50%. This system works well in some situations however the amplification generally doesn't last more than 5 years before needing to be replaced. The whole house or (Zones) all listen to the same source as other rooms.