Hello, my name is David Hollandsworth and I am the founder of Very Sound Advice. I moved to Nashville in the summer of 1993. When I came here I was blessed with the opportunity to work with an Indiana based company that specialized in home theater and video installation. Then I worked for the Bose Corporation as a sales and retro / new construction consultant. While I enjoyed working with these companies I realized that I wanted to develop my own ideas for whole house systems beyond the normal cookie cutter styles which all to often have become standard. Very Sound Advice was born in 2000.

Technology these day is growing and changing at an ever increasing pace. We attend regular training's to learn the latest developments from manufactures and from some of the best minds in the business. I like to pay attention for new ideas and incorporate any that are better than my own. For this reason I am always looking for any opportunity to improve the process. This is why I think that year after year our clients return to hire us and send us their friends. We hope that you will contact us and let us earn your business. Call or email us for a free and educational consultation.

Our commitment to your needs!

Often we get calls asking for an "Estimate for installation." I normally decline this type of estimate because this is generally a disservice to the client. Our industry is changing rapidly, with new innovations almost weekly. Rest assured, we will keep you advised on the best system for your specific needs and budget. Sometimes we can save you money and hassle by designing the right system for the job. However we can't do that accurately without seeing the job first hand. We have many years of experience in the numerous systems involved in our industry, and we bring that experience to every project. We can design your system with your specific needs in mind. We are committed to listening to your needs making your project everything you expect it to be. We'll recommend the right products for the job and never over sell. And if you are buying from another company but just need some Very Sound Advice, We're happy to help!